Saturday, September 5, 2009

Antique Keys

I have a thing for keys.
Old keys.
Not valuable per se, but cool, funky, lovely, old keys.
I've been collecting them since I bought a cigar box full of them a million years ago.
It seems like every 4th or 5th person I see these days is wearing a key around their neck.
Some are old keys and many are charms made to look like real keys.
Tiffany's even has a line of them.
Symbolism of keys is epic and widespread.
I'm not one of those people who believes what the dream books have to say, because our own feelings and thinkings of whatever we are wondering about are the best keys (no pun intended) to their meaning for ourselves.

I do pay attention to fairy tale symbolism and have a dark soft spot for the tale of Bluebeard, which is full of keys. When I did a quick search on others opinions of the symbolism of keys in Bluebeard, it doesn't necessarily mesh with my own.
That's my point.
When you wonder what a symbol from a dream or from waking life means to you, check in with yourself.
What does it mean to you to find a Queen of Hearts playing card on the steps of the library?
What does it mean to dream of having a ring of keys and no door?
Trust yourself.
Find the key to your own intuition.
Or just find one you think is cool.

It doesn't have to be a big deal, there's magic there whether you believe it or not.

*Some people use keys as pendulums for purposes of divination.

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Blasé said...

I bet you never get locked out of anything...