Saturday, December 29, 2007


I find myself at the beginning again.
I know I should be so happy, and to some degree I am, but I would like to feel as if I can ever get past a certain point instead of coming back around to the start again and again.
For now my beginnings are many, but namely my business is new again.
In September I changed the name of my shop from io herbal alchemy to Flora.
io is obscure, esoteric, magical, mysterious and not super accessible. Perfect for the brand of products that I create but too mysterious to draw in passers by.
Flora is warm and friendly, inviting and very accessible.
As soon as I changed the name it was like an invisibility cloak was lifted from the store. Every day people come in to marvel at the brand new store on the block. People who've walked by each day have seen us for the first time. In all honesty the store changed the day the name changed. There was a new energy and openness. There are only so many things you can carry that fit within the name of io-a moon of Jupiter herbal-to do with herbs-alchemy-the most mysterious and esoteric of all.
Most people assumed we were a spa.
Boutique, not spa. No waxing or pedicures. Just gorgeous botanical gifts, cards and products.
Flora is about beauty and abundance. Flora is flowery and strong. Flora is the true name of the store.
For anyone who has had a baby and had to choose a name, you just know when you've found the name. Not the prettiest or coolest name, but the right name, the name the being has always had, you just had to find it. Flora is that name. So in that way, yes, I am happy that I can begin again with a new name, a new business in some ways and the new adventure that comes with all the challenges of a new baby.