Saturday, August 1, 2009

Potion Making - Purification

The Purification Potion can be used to purify, clear and bless a space or a person in offices, clinics, cars and homes.
Magical Herbs
Rosemary - clears the mind as well as spaces, reminds one to stay present
White Sage - clears and dispels negativity
Cedar - clears while making a channel back for positivity and healing to flow back in
Lavender - gently purifies with love and peace
Bay - protective and visionary
Sea Salt - helps remove any unwanted psychic residue
Magic Stone
Clear Quartz Crystal is used to amplify the purifying qualities of the herbs in this potion, yet all on it's own it's clarifying, balancing and powerfully protective.
Elemental Magic
I burn Copal while making this Potion. Copal is amazing. Although I do add a bit of copal to the potion for its energetics, to really activate its energy fire is needed. Copal is a tree resin, alike in many ways to amber resin. It's lovely and fragrant in its softer crystalline stage before it hardens like a rock. The scent is released when burned on charcoal. It is a strongly purifying resin that has been used as such for hundreds, if not thousands of years.
Particularly Recommended for:
Those in service based jobs
Massage therapists
When to use:
When you enter your space and it feels not quite right
Before a party to equalize the energy; to make it more welcoming
After a party or gathering to bring it back to a more neutral ground
When you arrive at work and don't feel ready to be there
After someone leaves your space and you feel uncomfortable
After you have had an argument or conflict
Before you go into meetings where you want to communicate clearly
When you are unsure of what to do next
Spray in doorways to bless those who walk through, including yourself
What else?
In some ways this is the simplest Potion, with the simplest ingredients that asks the least of me.
It's like rosemary itself; it's readily available, most everyone likes it, it goes with everything and it can do no harm.
Like the plant, the potion can be used in a million ways. When I'm not sure which potion is needed, I start here. If more is needed then the Purification Potion clears the way for me to know what is needed next.