Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rose Conserve update

Well, as I always say, so much of medicine making is about the experience. The making of medicine is what's healing to the maker and those around her.
I'd love to say that the rose conserve was a miracle.
It is, and yet, one of the jars did eventually mold.
It took over a month, so if I had either refrigerated the jar or used it up in that amount of time, it would've been just fine. But my goal was to have the fragrant summer preserved easily in a jar for the wintertime.
The good news is that one of the jars is dreamy.
In the future:
1. layer sugar between each layer of rose petals (don't put a big stack of petals together, too much moisture)
2. leave enough room in the jar to shake it around a bit so that things don't get stagnant.
While the jar of rosy goodness was deciding whether to mold or not, taking it's sweet time, I was able to have some heavenly tea with it.
I added a half of a teaspoon of the rose sugar to a cup of darjeeling tea and it was just heavenly. A light rosy taste and at first a strong rose scent, almost too strong. But in the tea, lovely.
I will definitely make this again.
The jar that succeeded sat in the sun for a week and was shaken daily.
I plan on using it in wintertime desserts.
Sprinkled atop shortbread cookies, sugar & rose petals layered between a birthday cake, creme brulee and of course, added to tea.

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