Tuesday, May 5, 2009

purifying against bad dreams

Recipe to remove bad dreams - directed to a child -
1. place a bowl of salt water (2-3 tbl of SEA salt in 3-4 cups water, stir counter clockwise until dissolved) in her room wherever she thinks is the right place (tell her it will absorb negative energy) if she doesn't care put it at the foot of her bed.
If she thinks there should be more than one bowl, do that.
In the morning dump the salt water down the sink or toilet and rinse or flush it down.
2. Have her call on one of her stuffed animals or dolls to stay awake while she sleeps to guard against bad dreams.
3. Give her a bell to have by her bedside as a safety for her to ring if she gets scared.

there are a million other things you can try, but these are good starters

good luck.


Green Womyn said...

Sweet solutions, thanks for sharing!

jewelie randall said...

you're so welcome.