Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guest Blog from Julia Montes

Upon opening the door into Flora, lovely high notes of rose rush over me, causing a smile to stretch across my face.
I know exactly what that means- Jewelie is making perfume today.

Sure enough, Jewelie is standing behind the counter holding the tiniest beaker I’ve ever seen and mixing its contents with a look of absolute concentration. I have barely made it through the door before she beckons me over. “Smell this,” she insists and holds a mixing stick out for me to sniff as I approach the counter. I take one full cleansing breath before leaning over to experience the scent she has just created. Pulling back, I wait a moment before responding, savoring the scent the way one does when experiencing the first taste of fine wine or expensive chocolate. Once again, Jewelie has blown me away with her ability to blend seemingly opposing scents into a magical concoction. The perfume is lovely- woodsy, with hints of citrus. Jewelie waits for my response but I can’t actually say anything, I simply smile and nod my head in admiring approval.

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