Sunday, June 8, 2008

World Tea Expo

First of all, I know this sounds very exotic and beautiful and aromatic, however, the Expo was in Las Vegas and I was soooo sick.
I will write another post all about the illness and my treatment, stay posted.

We went to the tea expo thinking and hoping we would find the coolest teapots & cups, the most amazing lines of boxed & bagged teas and herb & tea infused chocolates.

Teapots: We found lots of almost lovely enough teapots and cups the first two days and on the third day we finally found beautiful teapots that we loved and they were available in an amazing array of colors.

Oh, but this is the line we already carry.

Beehouse Teapots made in Japan.

Chocolate: We have been carrying chocolate line from Belgium that is infused with flowers and spices that we adore, but we're always open to something new.

So, we tasted a dozen green tea candies, tea infused chocolates shaped like teacups, shortbread cookies infused with tea and on and on. Not one thing was even a consideration. Bummer.

Tea: so much tea, so many cups, I felt awful about all the waste.

There were so many poorly brewed pots of tea. Even the tea that I carry and the tea line that I picked up were brewed in a way that was not quite right.

Our hands-down favorite product was a jasmine tea non-alcoholic "champagne".

It was beautifully brewed and carbonated and not too sweet.

I will be serving it at events and offering it as a special order item.

We met some cousins who were representing their family tea plantation in India. One of the cousins lives in India the other in Los Angeles. They had lovely energy and amazing tea.

I found a grower selling my favorite jasmine tea: yin hao jasmine. Organic, even. I'm hoping to have that in the store and my teacup soon.

We went to the world tea expo, it seems, mostly, to realize what we are carrying is the best and yes we can add a few things here and there, but really, we're pretty dialed in.

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