Monday, March 31, 2008

San Francisco

I recently had a little personal getaway to SF. Sweet little town, a lot like Portland, but away from my chores.

These iridescent fish, I love.

I'm pretty sure these are
fern fronds,
but there were several things in Chinatown that no one would identify for me.
My curiosity would not rest, so I bought many odd things just to be told what things were.
Folks were more helpful when I was spending money. One of the things that was never able to be explained except to say in a long conversation where neither of us spoke the same language that it was made very clear that I should never eat it. The mystery item looked like a dried hoof but smelled of the sea and burning tires.

This is a mallow sanctuary apparently. An entire building site chained off for the love and preservation of the beloved malva neglecta.

Even an herbalist likes a nice cappuccino every once in a while.

This is an amazing piece at Anthropologie.

I would have loved to have brought this home, but besides the $12K price tag, there were no lids. How practical is that?

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