Sunday, October 14, 2007


I love tea.
Tea pots, tea cozies, tea leaves, herbal tea, black tea, green tea, jasmine tea, honey, cream & sugar, I could go on & on but you get the idea. I'll even drink basic black bagged tea when it's offered, just keep me away from anything with the word spice in it; orange spice, market spice and the even worse holiday themed spice teas. These are generally mediocre to bad tea with the addition of essential oils! Perfume in my tea, no thank you. And cinnamon perfume at that. No, really.
Real tea and spices have flavor and scent isn't that enough?
This is the tea you get stuck with if you ask for herbal in most suburban households.
My partner worked at a coffee roastery many moons ago and after a day when they made flavored coffee (another terrible sin) he would come home smelling of generic "spice". He informs me it was cinnamic aldehyde.
Sorry for the rant, I didn't know I had so many issues with the "spice tea".

The point is I do love tea and I had intended to make and sell tea in my shop, but as it is super busy having a shop without making a million new products I have let myself off the hook (is this a reference to Ereshkigal & Inanna?) and ordered tea that someone else will package and label and name.
Loose leaf teas from The Tao of Tea and bagged tea from Treleela. I am so excited.
Tea, to make, share and drink!
And teapots!
Still so excited.
Julia, who is my right hand woman here in the shop loves tea just as much as I do. It was one of the first things we bonded over, so many years ago.
I also just ordered some porcelein teapots that look as if they are carved out of pure white branches, can't wait.
So, now we have the tea and are happily drinking it and it's given me a place to practice mono-tasking. Mono-tasking is the very difficult concept of doing one thing at a time. This may be easy for some, but not for me, and not for Julia. The other day we tried it, I was serious about it. We're going to have tea. Can we go over what needs labeling? No, we're just having tea. OK. How about we just look over that new catalog? No, just tea. Drinking tea. Nothing else. It was difficult to imagine having enough time in the day to do only one very simple, slow thing. And a pleasurable thing at that, like taking a bath in the middle of the day.
Really it was only ten or fifteen minutes but we did it. I challenge you to try it. Mono, really just the one thing, and tea is a great place to start.

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