Saturday, May 12, 2007


Generally speaking, I recommend harvesting Hawthorne flowers on May Day. By the calender May Day is May 1, Lunar May Day was May 5 and astrologically it was another day completely, so I figure that I have some space to expand my original intentions.
Yesterday I found a window of time and I took advantage of it.

a super close up with my fab new camera
amazing flowers, aren't they?

can you see the thorns? (haw-thorn)

I went to a favorite spot just on the outskirts of town, slipped on my sneakers and had a nice walk with the Hawthornes.

Here are the trees that grew the flowers that will be in this years Love Potion.
There were birds singing, sun shining, the scent of the flowers and their beauty, seems like May Day to me.

sweet caterpillar

In Tracks by Louise Erdrich there is a woman whose name translates from Ojibwe
to mean something like "the place where a deer sleeps"
this picture below is one of those places.
It was under the canopy of the largest of the Hawthornes. very cool.
I had to make a choice between disturbing this beautiful place and getting
scratched to bits by last years fallen hawthorne branches.
Of course, it was an easy choice. And besides, I have plenty of healing balm.

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